Monday, February 1, 2010

The way back home

When we head home from the Cottonwood canyons, we can jump on the freeway and be home in half an hour. OR - on particularly awesome days, we take the scenic route~
Our possible future residence - just gotta save up a couple mil..

We let B drive out here in the sticks

A view over Salt Lake from on high

You can find some really cute guys out here, case in point

..and groovy crooked trees as well

Catching Up

Let's have a look back at the many adventures and various good times we've had over the last several months that I have neglected this blog, shall we?
We got to go up to Idaho Falls a couple of times last spring and summer to visit our favorite little Farnsworths. This pic is from the cool little zoo they have there. Isaac has this glow about him, don't you think? :)

And then..

When we got back to SLC, we hit the "Keep on Rollin" car show, which is held at Brighton resort so it makes for a pretty sweet day of taking in some nature and looking at lots of ridiculously cool automobiles. It also benefits the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, raising money for spinal cord injury research. The whole thing was started a few years ago by a local snowboarder who became paralyzed in an unfortunate boarding mishap. The first year, it was a pretty modest affair but it has really grown since then. Very cool.

Aforementioned adventures will be further chronicled in the next post...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Brighton's World Under Construction, Please Pardon Dust

Hello, family & friends~
B's Blog has moved and so is currently a no-frills version of its former self. Soon, widgets and whozits and templates (oh my!) will be inserted, added, and in some cases bullied in to complicity to bring this site up to standard.
Thanks for your oh-so-patient understanding.

The publication seen at left is what I'm currently studying. I hope to move up to "How Not To Suck at Web Design" soon. ;)

Monday, May 18, 2009


Brighton is so proud to announce that his very own Daddy has graduated with high marks from the University of Utah with his Master of Finance degree! Note how handsome they both looked on Grad night!

Also, a big giant THANK YOU to the Montana branch of the Bourne clan for coming down - it was fun to see you and the 'master' appreciates your support! :)

E. Bunny Comes To Town

Easter found us hanging out at the park, playing and hunting for those elusive eggs..

Brian went to Solitude to see if he could find any eggs up there.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

B's First Birthday

In March, B turned ONE!! The last year has just flown by, as we have been having sooo much fun. To celebrate our little man's big day, we had a Mickey M0use party and invited some good friends over to join in the festivities..

The above pic is the only cake shot we got, unfortunately. (We were very bad parents and did not sufficiently charge our camera battery pre-party.) B was not that enamored with the whole cake thing anyway. While we imagined him tearing into it & making a delightful mess, in reality he was mildly amused at best. He seemed happier once we cleaned the frosting off....ah, well - it was fun for us overgrown kids, anyway!